Offered are a large range of automotive rebuild, repair, mechanical 
and restoration services
Any portion of the work that is ‘jobbed out’ is handled by carefully chosen automotive professionals and specialists. This work is done to our specifications.

Interested in “at your location” restoration services?  

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Custom Wood Dash Inlays

Auto Alchemy offers custom dash work in a variety of real woods, domestic and exotic. Modern materials are available, including carbon fiber inlays.

Additional Custom Upgrade Services Available

  • Steering Wheel Overlays – a variety of patterns  with clear paint protection.
  • Transmission repair and upgrades to support increased horsepower.
  • Carburetor Rebuilds.
  • Frame – media blast – rust inhibitor coating and powder coating.
  • Suspension rebuilds – bushings, springs, powder coating. 
  • Upgraded brake systems for braking safety. 
  • Custom Paint and Designs. 
  • Resto-Mod Work.
  • Car Shipment Arrangements.


Engine Rebuilds – Stock and Mild to Wild.


When embarking on a full or partial restoration, you must be prepared to spend additional money for the unforeseen. There are always “hidden” unknowns that only reveal themselves as the car is taken apart. 

Many times, restoration work costs far more than the car’s actual finished value. As the vehicle owner, you must make a substantial financial commitment before beginning the restoration process. 

Due to the complexity of auto restoration, which addresses hidden damage, repair of original production defects, possible re-engineering of previously done faulty repair work and/or parts fabrication, we are unable to give you an initial estimate or quote.   

Every restoration project undertaken by Bez Auto Alchemy has presented hidden repair needs. These are resto issues that cannot be seen until the car is opened up, disassembled and all parts checked for operational and application viability.    

Bez Auto Alchemy restoration work is priced by labor hours and materials. You may be sure of receiving excellent value and quality for our work time. Our labor rates are industry competitive for this specialized type of repair work.


  • Call to discuss your project.
  • Auto Alchemy references are available.
  • A “hands on” inspection of the car is required prior to scheduling shop time.
  • Work time will be scheduled for your project.
  • The work is done on a “time/materials” basis.  An advance deposit is required to start the project.  
  • When the deposit amount is used, further retainers are required until the work is completed. 
  • Depending on the scope of repairs, work time may be as little as a few days, a few months or a year or more for a complete frame-up restoration.

      Cash is preferred!

    Visa, MC, Discover are accepted.  

    (No Checks)


In-depth restoration costs many times exceed the restored value of the car.  When you commit to a restoration, it’s because you love the marque, take pleasure in owning a true original and wish to participate in preserving these automotive classics. 

Stage Payments
Frame-Up Restoration
Partial Restoration
Parts Locating Service
Full Frame Off Resto
Welding – Fabrication
Body: Panel/Pan Repair/Replacement
Sheet Metal Forming
Fiberglass Work
Small Part Media Blasting
Stainless Steel Trim Straightening
Gauges: Original and Replacement 
Door Hinges – Locks
Glass Replacement
All Body Prep Work
Custom or Factory Paint Color 
Custom Exotic Wood Dash and Console Inlays 

Electrical Rewiring and Repair
Brake System/Lines
A/C Repair/Recharging
Aftermarket A/C Installation
Disc Brake Conversions
Transmissions: Flushing, Replacement
Engine Tune Up, Rebuild, Overhaul
Intake Manifolds
Steering Repair
Lights Replacement
Suspension Repair or Upgrade
Cooling: Radiator, Fans, Hoses, Thermostats
Heating: Core Replacement, Hoses
Carburator Repair 
Gas Tank: Repair/Replacement
Fuel Sustem: Lines, Pumps, Gauges
Detailing – Buffing

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