This page is devoted to the unique auto projects that have come into our shop,
some of which have historical significance in automotive culture



Raymond Loewy’s personal 1976 Avanti II

This Avanti in the care of Loewy’s family, was brought to me for preservation work, from the Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana. Raymond’s daughter, the late Laurence Loewy is seated behind the wheel in this photo.

Photo Courtesy of – Loewy Design
provided by David Hagerman
(Raymond Loewy’s son-in-law)
Read about this project HERE


Photo Credit - GBZ


“Brad Bez of Auto-Alchemy did a great job repairing Mr. Loewy’s last Avanti. We wanted to keep it as original as possible. From his engine expertise to his excellent body and interior restorations, his craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. Along with his competitive rates, I’m most happy to recommend his services.

Many thanks to Lew Schucart, Editor of Avanti Magazine, for introducing me to Mr. Bez.”

David Hagerman, CEO
Loewy Design
“I drove the ’76 Avanti II home Monday night, complete with NASA stickers and American flag – still getting use to the Chevy 400. It brings back cherished memories of Laurence speeding through Monte Carlo and French villages with reckless abandon. The car will be featured at Raymond Loewy Museum fund raising events in the ATL area.”



Ernie Wolf’s 1982 Avanti II

Ernie brought his Avanti into the shop for some minor repair work, just before he put the car up for sale.

Photo Credit – Public domain image from 1982 Avanti II marketing image. 
(This is not Ernie Wolf’s actual car – only a representative image.)

Ernie and his Avanti have a place in Studebaker auto history. Ernie designed and produced Skytop (Moon Roof) power kits for the Avanti Motor Company from 1979 to 1987. As Ernie tells the story, Avanti was at the end of their financial solvency and he had not been paid for a good number of Skytops. While inquiring about the payment in arrears, he talked to the company manager who told Ernie they just didn’t have the money to pay him. Not missing a beat, Ernie replied, “What about this car right here? (This was a cream color Avanti II sitting on the showroom floor.)  I’ll take this car as a partial payment for what’s owed.” 

The rest is history. The deal was struck and Ernie drove the Avanti home and enjoyed this car for 30 years!     

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