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Jay Stelzenmuller – 1963 Avanti R3

Auto Alchemy provides award winning auto restoration
for your daily driver and your concours show cars. 

Brad’s thirty years in the trade brings to your car the associations of automotive history, in-depth restoration knowledge and pride in the finished product. He’s experienced, dedicated to preservation and focused on achieving the best outcome for you.

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 Paul Miller’s 1963 R2 Avanti on display in the

Automotive Hall of Fame 2008
Dearborn Michigan

Professional, High Quality Workmanship 

Restoration perfection is accomplished

through close attention to the details. 

Parts, nuts, bolts are saved, refurbished if usable or they are upgraded using high quality replacement parts. 

If necessary, factory specification charts are referenced with parts sourced from a network of professional vendors. The prep work before paint is smooth and body line accurate.

At Auto Alchemy the job is done correctly and to the highest standards!

                      1983 Avanti (Chevy engine) owned by Thom Gipe.
                                   Photo Credit – Thom Gipe

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is primary! We are committed to providing a
great customer experience. 

Our goal is to bring you the best in professional, specialized automotive service. From the beginning of your restoration project through the final hand polish on your car, you are kept up to date on the progress and apprised of the restoration needs.  

At the heart of Bez Auto Alchemy is a business based on quality, integrity, accurate restoration knowledge and our passion for the cars.  

Questions?  Call us – we always have time to speak with you.

R4 Avanti Carburetor

 Avanti R4 Dual Carter AFB Carburetor  

Avanti Real Wood Burl Dash

1963 Avanti owned by Jay Stelzenmuller
Photo Credit – GBZ


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